GEMSTRA: The Future of Influencer Commerce & Key Opinion Leader (KOL) Economy.*

On this occasion we will talk about a social selling project, this consists of using social tools to identify and create relationships with potential customers, in relation with sales process.

ASTRA Infrastructure will be a platform to develop businesses based on direct sales and Gemstra is the token with which this project will be financed and developed. Social selling is a business model that we all know and is within reach of all of us. The sale of products through the same users.

Gemstra is building up a blockchain-empowered framework that associates organizations with influencers and key feeling pioneers (KOLs) straightforwardly for trade, tokenizing the biggest economy of tomorrow.

Gemstra is building up a blockchain-empowered framework and GEMS token to control the future Influencer and KOL (Key Opinion Leader) economy.


Influencer/KOL Commerce is developing at an amazing rate. Over $10Bn USD is paid to influencers and KOLs every year, a number that is developing 20% year-over-year. There are over 2.7Bn web based life clients and over 600Mn influencers/KOLs all inclusive. Influencers and KOLs are turning into the prevalent voice in trade, demonstrating higher change and ROI for organizations (retailers and brands) than some other type of advertising.


The Influence/KOL economy is incipient. Early frameworks just administration enormous influencers and offer programming the executives answer for organizations. Miniaturized scale influencers and KOLs with littler or specialty center are frequently forgotten. No frameworks permit organizations and influencers/KOLs to execute legitimately in trade. Current stages only present an administration interface, however not a trade layer or installment arrangement. In addition, key information produced from trade is held hostage by the business. Influencers and KOLs strive to make a fanbase and develop their following. However they have no real way to follow which fans/supporters become clients. A democratized way to deal with influencer/KOL business would give more prominent value to all.

Gemstra´s solution

Gemstra is building a structure the default token environment for the Influencer and KOL economy. A framework stage called ASTRA will give organizations a simple to-utilize API/convention to coordinate or include Influencer/KOL business. The GEMS Token fills in as the default installment and staking token. GEMS will lessen grating and improve/encourage cross-outskirt exchanges as a progressively proficient installment framework for remunerations, commission, reward, abundance, and merchandise. GEMS will likewise give an administration environment that democratizes the model for Businesses and Influencers, giving a system to entertainers in the Influencer/KOL economy to take an interest in characterizing the economy.

ASTRA Infrastructure
Gemstra Ecosystem

A project that is already working

Gemstra has just propelled a live and working business called Gemstra Boutiques that permits Influencers/KOLs to associate legitimately with Brands. Propelled in 2017, Boutiques amassed an early after and created more than 7-figures USD in yearly deals including only 8 brands and 3000 influencers/KOLs. Gemstra imagined a more extensive, foundation level arrangement that would give Influencer/KOL Commerce for any organizations intrigued to connect with the channel.

Users+Commerce Platform+Retailers


Gemstra’s ecosystem is live and its leader module Knowy is on iOS Alpha audits live to Dexon’s testnet. Gemstra’s environment envelopes all trade driven by Influencers and KOLs. Not exclusively will Astra give a trade stage to organizations, however Gemstra is now creating modules to serve explicit capacities like audits (Knowy) and business the executives (Dash).

Gemstra is particularly eager to discharge Knowy on iOS after the ICO. Knowy will be the main item that pays Users (Influencers and KOLs who submit audits on its application about an all inclusive index of items) in tokens.


Team & Advisors

Gemstra’s executive team is comprised of entrepreneurs and consumer veterans who have scaled multiple consumer businesses across multiple channels.

Gemstra Team

The advisors board consists of serial founders and c-level executives that advise the direction of Gemstra’s strategy.

Gemstra advisors


Partners & Investors

Partners & investors

The Roadmap


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