VIAZ Between The Cryptosphere & Fiat Money.

The exponential development of digital forms of money has opened a contemporary market that is advancing on a month to month, if not week after week premise. Security and the executives of advanced resources are two basic components for all partners inside the blossoming cryptosphere.

The utility of VIAZ is to give a decentralized financing stage, interfacing its clients and going about as a conductor between the cryptosphere and fiat money.

To fiat, digital money is comparable and outsider in the meantime. Both fiat and digital currencies can be utilized to get items, yet computerized cash isn’t yet ordinary and doesn’t bank in a customary sense. Advanced cash utilizes encryption procedures to control the age of units of money and confirm the exchange of assets, working freely of a national bank.

Decentralized cryptocurrencies exchanges are quicker and more secure than present-day fiat exchanges. Exchanges that take days inside the customary financial framework currently take minutes or less on blockchain systems, for example, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and most as of late, Tezos.

The utility of VIAZ is to give a decentralized financing stage, interfacing its clients and going about as a conductor between the cryptosphere and fiat money.


VIAZ is a decentralized application (“DAPP”) conquering any hindrance among banks and borrowers of fiat and computerized monetary standards. VIAZ will utilize VIAZ Smart Contracts for exchanges started on the VIAZ Platform. Similarly, as similitudes and contrasts exist among computerized and fiat money, a closer examination of VIAZ contrasted with the customary financial framework uncovers both combining and veering attributes.

Outstanding comparability is that the VIAZ Platform, by putting potential borrowers in direct contact with potential banks, enables clients to obtain, loan, and move monetary standards all through a worldwide system. In any case, in contrast to banks, the VIAZ Platform will give a progressively proficient, practical and secure administration for all clients.

VIAZ is the first DAPP to keep running on the Tezos blockchain, a self-revising crypto-record, the VIAZ Platform has intrinsic points of interest when contrasted with different rivals in the bazaar.

VIAZ Infrastructure

As referenced, the Platform is decentralized. Our point is to make this market-driven stage favorable for crypto and fiat supporters alike. Billions of individuals universally don’t approach banks. The Platform gives them a chance to exploit this worldwide system of banks and borrowers from the comfort of their personal computer or cell phone.

A sound banking platform activates the little and dissipated reserve funds of the network and makes them accessible for interest in profitable undertakings. The subject of institutional responsibility talks legitimately to another guarantee of digital currency. With its ability for programmability, a blockchain can uphold smart financial contracts. As of late, and into the future, blockchain innovation, for example, the Platform will tackle issues of security the board and certification consistence with capital necessities.

VIAZ Benefits

VIAZ mobile app
  • Accessibility

The daily operations of the VIAZ Platform are more accessible compared to the traditional lending systems, is compatible with IOS and Android operating systems. Therefore, users can use the VIAZ mobile app from their devices free of charge.

  • Secure

The platform operates on the Tezos blockchain network that is secure, as it records all the transactions on its ledger that is not alterable or accessible by third parties. Similarly, VIAZ provides users with a cryptocurrency and fiat wallet that makes it possible for them to securely store their funds, manage their portfolios, and transfer funds.

  • Risk Free

For borrowers to post loan request on VIAZ, they will have to pledge a certain amount of collateral. This protects the lenders from the risk of losing their money in case they default.

  • No Fees

Users don´t pay any sign up, monthly or maintenance fees to VIAZ. The platform will generate income for itself by deducting a small percentage from the interest on all loan repayments.

  • No Taxes

Compared to the current lending systems and institutions, VIAZ will be less costly as borrowers will not have to pay taxes on the borrowed money.

  • Airdrops

Token holders are rewarded with monthly airdrops based on their participation:

  1. Using Tokens as collateral for loans.

2. Selling Tokens through the VIAZ Platform.

Financial details

Token: VIAZ

Price: 1 VIAZ = $0,065

Type: Utility Token

Platform: TEZOS

Accepting: ETH, BTC, XTZ

IEO launchpad: p2pb2b Launchpad

Distributed in ICO: 35%

Soft cap: $5.000.000

Hard cap: $30.000.000

Total tokens: 1.500.000.000

Country: Cayman Islands

Whitelist/KYC: Yes

Restricted areas: USA


20% — 131.250.000
15% — 131.250.000
10% — 131.250.000
5% — 131.250.000

Tokens for sale: 525.000.000

Token distribution and utilization of funds

Activity on social networks

Activity on social networks (14 June 2019)


VIAZ Core Team


  • 2014

Concept genesis

  • 2015

P2P lending market análisis

  • 2016

Startup funding

  • 2017

Core team recruitment

Prototype development launch

  • 2018

Initial whitepaper design/draftPrototype development [front-end design] Internal team launch/testing of prototype [v .1.0]
User profile(s) creation
Tez faucet funding for platform testing
Transactions recorded on Tezos betanetInitiation of ongoing strategic partnership outreach

Website developmentSocial media kickoffInternal team launch/testing of alphanet [v. 1.1]
Fiat funding
Sync with tezos mainnet

Website launch phase 1 []
Introduction/explainer video

Translations [10 languages]UI/UX implementation for VIAZ betanetPreliminary mobile apps planning/designMarketing campaign launch
IEO website listings
Bounty campaign

  • 2019


Website launch phase 2
VIAZ betanet launch
Contribution web portal
KYC/AML implementationInternal team launch/testing of mobile appsSmart contracts audits


IEO launch


IEO token audit/distribution


Exchange listing

Mainnet launch

Cross-chain funding

On platform VIAZ liquidity

  • 2020


Mobile apps launch [iOS/Android]

Staking and baking integration


Real estate based funding (Title transfer and Asset based funding)

Identity [Key retrieval]

Debit cards


Loan reinsurance

Online university for developers [Michelson/OCaml]


Large scale funding projects [Commercial high-rise, public infrastructure]

  • 2021


On-platform liquidation


Remittance transfers

  • 2022


Online payment integration

This article was created in exchange for a potential token reward through Bounty0x

Bounty0x user: MiguelitoX11X



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